The Life of a Statue

The statues that I make start in a dimension between awakening and sleeping. Somewhere at a certain moment they are inside my hand and I draw them or they instantly find their way into clay or another material. And then they’re there. New statues, not yet finished at once. Something still has to be done. A cheek or a leg is not yet completed. Perhaps the basic shape is all right, but the skin needs some attention. Something still irritates and itches. So the statue has to wait until I am ready to see the right things and make the right changes. At a certain moment it has gained its own reason for existence, away from me. When it is a good sculpture, I will be surprised as well as another viewer. The sculpture will tell its own story, more complete than I intended when I was making it.

And then the moment comes when the statue is finished. All set to dry or be abraded or polished, due to the material I worked with.

The statue lives in my studio for a while. Covered by a bag and a piece of cloth. Or just naked between other statues in the making or almost finished. In my universe, in my breath, in my attention. Amongst friends and acquaintances, in the ballet of my hands. Until it is finished. Then it will be photographed (for the books) and put into a box to wait for an exhibition or a presentation.

At an exhibition the statues are in balance with each other and the surrounding work. Each piece getting the space it needs, with the right lighting, with an opponent who can handle it and is able to make it radiate. An ideal situation. People who come to visit, see the work in all its beauty.

And they buy it. The statue is coming home where it belongs. In a new environment surrounded by unfamiliar and strange novelties. And here the new owners also create the ideal situation, only in a completely different way, in a new universe with diverse life forms. Here the statue tells its story with a contrasting hue in a new light. Nuances move, the foundation born between awakening and sleeping remains forever. Everywhere.

Some sculptures will eventually be sold to museums, public spaces where they will be cared for and explained to many passers-by. Every now and then someone will be enchanted by the whisper from a strange universe and will recognize a part of his own heart.

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